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About the Course

When: February 14, 2024 from 6:00pm-7:00pm Where: 1118 9th St NW, Washington DC, 20001 By the end of this bud rolling class, you'll not only have the confidence to roll the perfect joint but also gain a deeper appreciation for the art and culture of cannabis. Join us for a fun and informative journey into the world of skilled rolling!

To ensure an enriching and intimate learning experience, this class is limited to a maximum of 12 participants, allowing for personalized attention and fostering a close-knit community of enthusiasts.

When you register for our class you will receive an eighth of weed as well as a kit that includes a rolling tray, a grinder, a lighter, papers, & tips!

Cash payments will be accepted in person.

Your Instructor

Julenni Mora

Julenni Mora is a cannabis enthusiast and a passionate teacher.

Julenni Mora

♡ Valentine's Day ♡ ♡ Rolling Class ♡




1 Hour

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