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About Us

Spreading Happiness is our Specialty

From our innovative products to our community engagement initiatives, our mission is clear: to spread happiness far and wide. With a team of passionate individuals committed to making a positive impact, we embrace the opportunity to bring smiles to faces and uplift spirits every day. Join us in our pursuit of spreading happiness – it's what we do best.

This is your Happy Place!

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online order weed in dc

1. Select your products

Browse our website to find the perfect gift for you

How to Order With Us:

shop for weed online in dc

2. Submit your order

Place your order for pickup or delivery

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3. Enjoy!

Pickup your order in store or  let us bring the happiness to you!

Our Locations

happy bud dc dispensary

Happy Bud proudly serves the DC area.

Check the map below to see our locations within the city!

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